octane engine

Waukesha CFR Engine Servicing and Training

octane engine

ASTM D613 D909 D2699 D2700

Services Offered :

• All Mechanical and Electrical Repairs / Upgrades
• Installation and Commisioning
• Operator and Maintenance Training
• Pre Purchase Inspections
• Competency and Compliance Auditing
• Emergency Callouts
Benefits :

• Reduced Downtime
• Improved Reliability
• Mimimize Octane Giveaway
• Peace of Mind
Michael Suter B.Sc., CFR Engine Consultant and Petroleum Chemist, 20+ years multinational experience.
Factory Trained and recommended by Dale "Archie" LeClair, Senior Waukesha Engineer (rtd).
For assistance or futher information please contact me at :
or text a message to + 61 408350475  
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